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Welcome to the St Cleer Neighbourhood Plan website

This website is intended to act as a hub for the St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan containing information, news updates and relevant documentation regarding the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan.


The Draft St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan was published for consultations on 31st March 2019 for a 7 week period ending 19th May 2019.  Over the summer of 2019 the NDP Steering Group working on behalf of the Parish Council reviewed all the comments received. During that period conformation was also received from Cornwall Council that a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Plan was not required.  

Following the review of comments made, the Neighbourhood Development Plan was adjusted and formally submitted to Cornwall Council on 1st November 2019. Cornwall Council  signed off the Plan as being legally compliant and then consulted residents and other interested stakeholders on the Plan, from Thursday 5th December 2019 to 30th January 2020 for 8 weeks. 

Following this all representations made were collated and were sent, along with the Plan, for independent Examination. This took place from February to July 2020.

The Examiner found that,
  • subject to recommended Modifications, the NDP meets the Basic Conditions,
  • the consultation process was robust and that the Neighbourhood Plan and its policies reflects the outcome of the consultation process,
  • subject to the recommended modifications the NDP can proceed to Referendum.
At the Referendum, all registered electors in St Cleer Parish will be entitled to vote for or against the NDP. If the NDP is supported in the referendum, Cornwall Council will formally Ďmake the Planí. This will give it legal recognition as part of the statutory local development plan for the area. This means it must be considered when planning decisions are made by the Parish Council, Cornwall Council, Planning Inspectors, and the Secretary of State.

NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the referendum will not take place until May 2021 at the earliest. In the meantime HM Govt planning guidance and Cornwall Council have indicated that the Plan will be given significant weight in planning application decision making until the referendum result.

The  modified Plan has been published on Cornwall Council's website. For direct access to the Plan, please click here: ST CLEER NDP WITH EXAMINATION MODIFICATIONS

The Examination and other supporting documentation can be found through this link: Cornwall Council Webpage on St Cleer NDP

The Plan's sustainability check and the Horizon Farm Master Plan can be found via these links:

Sustainability Check

Horizon Farm Master Plan


The St Cleer Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan is a new type of plan made under the Localism Act 2011 which gives everyone who lives in the Parish the democratic right to be involved in drawing it up.

It can control how land is used for housing, business, shops and leisure. It can also protect green spaces and influence the design of buildings and estates, tackle environmental issues and support the things that make our Parish such a great place to live, work in and visit.

When it is written, everyone who is a registered voter in St Cleer Parish will get a vote in a local referendum to approve or reject the Neighbourhood Plan. If it is approved, the Plan canít be ignored when planning applications are decided by Cornwall Council, Planning Inspectors, or the Government.

Latest News

Alongside the St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan a Master Plan for the Horizon Farm proposal (NDP Policy 21) has been prepared on behalf of the Parish Council by AECOM using 100% grant funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. This explains in more detail how the proposal can be carried forward. A copy can be found here: Horizon Farm Master Plan